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Welcome to ginnyweasley100! This is a community for EVERYTHING about Ginny Weasley. Our affiliate's are:


This has been a drabble community, but with ginevra100 reopening, there's not really any point in having 2 communities for the same thing. I am going to extend this so that it will include drabbles, art, icons, and anything else Ginny Weasley related.

I will continue to have "challenges" for a little while. However, just think of it as a suggestion. If you want to drabble, draw, or produce other things that do not fit the challenge, that is fine. We welcome stories (longer than 100 words), plot bunnies, icons (everybody loves those), art, and everything else!

You can pretty much write/draw/post about whatever you want here, provided it's Ginny related, but if it's going to be slash, incest, violent, or something like that, please!!! put it behind a cut!!! NC-17 is allowed, but only behind an LJ cut. This isn't really the place for "hardcore" either; if you want gruesome blood & guts, there are sites for that, but this is not it! If you're concerned, check with me, your super Mod!

*****DO NOT ADVERTISE HERE UNLESS IT HAS BEEN CLEARED BY ME, YOUR FABULOUS MOD!!!!!***** This means RPGs, other web sites, etc. You can definately pimp your own stories (posted at other sites - Fire & Ice Archives, etc), and leave links to your icons, and the like.

Please include:
Challenge (if any):
A/N (if any)

Direct questions to your mod, Jessica, at the email above.

Draco/Ginny is forbidden love
Draco/Ginny is forbidden love

**** Icon by denied_icons, and background picture picked up HERE! ****